VMM Development woke up again


You are all invited:

Since the birth of the Virtual MIDI Machine, people have been asking us about new features such as the ability to use multiple MIDI ports, a build in MIDI sequencer, writing to MIDI Files, and more.

Development woke up again, so you will see some of these new features appearing soon.

We would also like to add

  • tutorials about VMM and in general
  • tutorials about VMM in scenarios with software like
    Cubase, Reaktor, Sonar, SoundFonts, .. or any freeware VST instruments.
  • tutorials about electronic music composition with VMM,
    or anything you did with VMM and MIDI

You are all invited to participate in the tutorials section. Or if you want to see examples of certain things, we are open for requests.

All submissions and scripts are also welcome, how simple they might be...

Those who are interested can contact us.

More information about VMM you can find in the news archive.

VMM Team

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