news 20-12-2003

There was a bug when you had disabled showing unknown file extensions in
Windows Explorer.  This is fixed now and you can download an update of the VMM
compiler.  Here's VMM-v. (update only!). To install just unrar the file
and overwrite your existing vmm compiler.  If VMM wasn't allready installed you
can download the full package (with the runtime, docs,..) as a rar or zip file.

news 09-12-2003

The VMM compiler has been trough some small updates.
Download VMM v1.0.25.2.
New zip and rar files are uploaded and bundled with the latest manual.
Also it's worth checking out the MIDI functions in stdMidiD.vmm!

news 05-12-2003

The website has some new updates. Be sure to check out the new function
There are also some new scripts and a contact form.

news 19-06-2003

Website update. There is a database with VMM scripts.
The database has syntax highlighting features like VMM (with some color
differences) to make the code more readable.
Sometimes there's a link provided where you can download an audio sample of a
VMM algorithm in mp3 format.
If you want member access, ask for it.

news 20-05-2003:

New release of VMM. VMM-1.0.23 !

    * Major performance improvement.
    * Save files before compilation.
    * Passing arrays by reference. 

Dowload [rar]|[zip] all files or only the new executables.

news 26-03-2003:

VMM 1.0.21 is available now!
New Features:

    * error highlighting.
    * ctrl+F5 Compiles and Executes your program.
    * unary operators: ++,--,~,!
    * version numbering in the about window.
    * arguments in procedures can be passed by reference instead of by value.
    * ... much more! 

Dowload [rar]|[zip] all the files.
note: int() is a core function now so you have to update stdmidi.vmm or use the
new one included.

news 14-03-2003:

In case you didn't notice, the website has a new design and some new content. I
hope you like it.
Be sure to check out some screenshots of VMM.

news 18-02-2003:

A new version of VMM is released! It has..

    * Improved stability and network performance.
    * Progress bar.
    * VMM Networking documentation.[html]|[pdf].
    * vmm manual update.[html]|[pdf]. 

You can download all the files.

In a next release a guide will be included on how to use VMM in combination
with midi-ox and kxproject drivers . Thanks to those involved for the right to
use screenshots of their software.

news 03-02-2003:

VMM has a new official address:
This means, no more annoying pop up windows! Please update your bookmarks.
Thanks go to for the nice hosting service.

news 17-01-2003:

There is a new VMM release. It has new features and some bug fixes.

    * Improved network performance
    * Act as server option
    * RPC port settings
    * HTTP port settings

The VMM manual html-pdf will be updated soon.

Download VMM:

    * VMM.rar 181KB

release notes:

    * There seem to be some problems with different dll versions. If mfco42d.dll 
      is version 6.0.8168.0, vmm.exe might not start and give an error in 
      afxhtml.inl. The use of mfco42d.dll v.6.0.8665.0 solves this. Other versions 
      were not tested. 
      In one of the next releases of VMM, the dll libraries won't be needed anymore.
    * Previous compiled VMM scripts do not run with the new vmmrt. You have to
      compile them again.

news 15-12-2002:

stdmidi.vmm had a bug related to NoteOff MIDI Channel. here you can download
the new version.
vmm.rar is also updated.

news 10-12-2002:

VMM has a new feature. It can act as a server, and receive, modulate and play
incoming MIDI data from another computer. This can be a network client or a
remote host on the internet. Of course you can also be the client and send data
to another computer. You will need the vmmrpct and new VMM runtime (27KB) to
make this work.
The VMM Remote Procedure Call(test) can be found here (143KB).
NOTE: The new feature is not documented yet and was tested on Windows 2000 only
(feel free to test on Windows XP/98). VMM listens on TCP/IP port #19760. If you
don't want network support in VMM, use the old VMM Runtime.

news 20-11-2002:

The first official version of VMM is online! The website is still under
construction but you can already download:

    * 174KB (manual is included in PDF and HTML format)
    * vmmmanual.html
    * vmmmanual.pdf
    * A VMM example that should always play! (also included in vmm.rar).