How to setup an SBLive for quadraphonic audio playback?

If you want to playback 4 discrete mono channels (2 stereo outputs with different sound) on one of the cheapest soundcard you can buy (an SBLive) , read on.

soundcard used: Sound Blaster Live! (CT4620 10k1 chipset).

Now open a multitrack program.

ex1. Cubase SX.

VST Outputs
BUS 2 must be activated in VST Outputs.
Note that BUS1 routed to 'kX Out 01'.
You can customize this if you like.

VST Mixer
The VST Mixer, different tracks are playd
(BUS 1) front_left, front_right
(BUS2) rear_left, rear_right

ex2. Vegas Video

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VMM Team